Coach Joe’s reaction to Sam’s semi

Monday 3rd September 2012

After a dramatic Friday evening Sam’s coach Joe McDonnell reflects on Sam’s semifinal.

“One of the things we have worked hard on is Sam’s start. This part of his race was very strong. Sam should have come out to his drive phase at 30m but drove to 40/45m this was the point Sam was overtaken and there wasn’t enough track to get it back.”

“Lessons were learnt on Friday night and Sam is more prepared for the 200m on Wednesday. At the moment the 200 is probably Sam’s better event.”

Sam is also looking forward to being annouced in front of the home crowd again on Wednesday night, and is looking to improve on his 9th place in the 100m’s.

“I was disappointed to not make the final but I can’t get over how much of an incredible blur the whole experience was. It’s something I will cherish in my memory forever. I’m pleased with how I’m doing but not satisfied, and that satisfaction will come when I’ve made the final in the 200m.”


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