Sam Prepares for 2013 IPC World Championships

Tuesday 16th July 2013

After being named in the 48-strong team that will represent Great Britain & Northern Ireland at the IPC World Championships last month, Sam and the rest of the squad have descended upon France for the pre-Championships training camp before getting down to business in the Stade du Rhone, situated in the south east of Lyon.

There is often a more subdued level of competition after the end of a Paralympic cycle, especially so after the London 2012 Paralympics Games but the IPC are buoyed by the attendance of 1,300 athletes from a total of 90 countries for this World Championships, which constitutes a significant increase in participation for an international athletics meet.

The level of competition will be extremely high and will be an exciting follow-up to the showcase that the Paralympic Athletics programme received last year in London.

It is a challenge that Sam relishes, “I’m incredibly excited to be here, it gives me piece of mind that my senior debut after six months in the sport last year wasn’t down to luck and that I have earned this opportunity to wear Great Britain again.”

Sam is also keen to learn from his experience last year and achieve his true potential on the international stage, “This is my year anniversary really, winter was extremely tough but I’ve learnt a lot about my cerebral palsy and how it reacts to intensive preparation for a competition like this. I’m expecting to be a finalist in the 100m and 200m, I’ve always been my harshest critic and have always believed my expectations to be the most important but I really want to reward the faith that Joe (Sam’s coach) and Paula (Head Coach of British Athletics Paralympic Programme) have placed in me this early in my career.

The competition begins on the 19th of July, Sam will be competing on the 22nd, 23rd, 26th and 27th in the heats and finals of the T35 100m/200m. The competition will be broadcast live by Channel 4.


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